I decided to walk or run regularly as an exercise from this year. One youtuber motivated me to start walking or running. He recommended me to start immediately with the shoelaces on and get out of the room. 

So I did. 

My goal was to walk to the library a little far from my village. Usually it takes 10 min by car. In conclusion, the road was a two-hour walk back and forth.


It was eight degrees below zero this morning, but it was very refreshing to walk. The sky was very clear, blue, and the scenery around me was very beautiful.

It wasn't that hard until I arrived at the library. But on my way back home from the library, my feet started to hurt. At first, my toes started to hurt, then my soles hurt. And my ankle began to feel sore.

Yeah, it's my first day of walking. (I didn't even start running.)

The way back home was getting harder and harder, it reminded me of the life journey to the heaven. Even though I was very thirsty, exhausted and legs were crying I couldn't stop walking. Because I had to get home. It made me not to give up and spend time elsewhere.


My final destination as a Christian is get to the heaven. Even though the life journey is getting harder and harder, I cannot give up the race in the faith of Jesus. I have no other choice but to go to heaven with the Holy spirit. 

My goal is clear. As if my legs were hurting but I had to keep walking home, I must fight the good fight of faith, keep faith in Jesus, and never give up going to heaven!

Thank God for teaching me while I was walking! You are a great teacher of my life journey! 

I look forward to gaining the insight God gives me through the time I walk (hopefully run, one day). 

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